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Ing. J.C.M. Wolters
Mechanical Engineer

(freelance) Designer

Welcome to Chris Wolters' personal website.

The purpose of this website is to provide more information about me in case you want to use my services.

I decided to continue the activities that I had placed in the past under cwtechnics.com in the future under my own name.

In the past, if I often spoke in the “we” form, it was because as an entrepreneur I also talked about my employees and network contacts. On my personal website, I speak more in the “me” form even though I still have many network contacts that could be of benefit to you.

For me personally it is not so important what I have done but what I still want to do in the future.

I would like to be your supporter for the realization of your technical projects and then it may be important for you to know what I have done in the past.

I would like to inform you through this website about my possibilities to help you with technical drawings.

But also if you:

  • temporarily need an engineer to handle peaks,
  • want to have specialist drawings made, but you do not have the right CAD drawing software,
  • want to have a strength calculation, simulation or FEM analysis performed,
  • need or want to change hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical diagrams,
  • need P&IDs made, revised or checked for “as build”,
  • require piping isometric drawings for pre-fab piping,
  • would like to hire me on a project basis for the duration of a project and have the work carried out on location, possibly with my own workstation. This can be a flexible number of days per week until the project is completed or during a specific period,
  • have an idea or invention that needs to be developed into a working prototype,
  • have old paper drawings, calc's, microfilm, scans, etc. that need to be converted into autocad drawings or 3D models,
  • have an existing part or machine / installation that must be measured and drawn / modeled, for possible improvements or repairs, so-called “reversed engineering,
  • want as a production company to offer your delivery program as a configurator,

then you can always contact me.

In my younger years.

You can also use my experiences in industrial technical maintenance that I have gained with my companies Maintecs, CeWe Engineering and cwtechnics.com . The services provided by Cewe Engineering were aimed at maintenance management of technical installations on the one hand and project support for new construction on the other. You may have capacity problems at the moment or in the short term and wish to resolve them flexibly.


For an English PDF version please look at the Dutch page.  Presentatie-Chris Wolters
For an English PDF version click here: Presentation-Chris Wolters

Contact me, I am happy to help. Tel. +31(0)6-50680289

Below you can see what I prefer to do most.




Do you have an idea for a new product, appliance, machine, tool or similar? Or do you want to improve an existing product or specific situation? Then I can help you achieve this. It doesn't matter if you only have it in your head, or on manual sketches, existing drawings / models or else. It is no problem for me to quickly present concepts or proposals. Then to advise about feasibility, mechanical properties, simulations, strength calculations, etc.


Non-existing installation as an example for Engineering.

Making a 3D model with Autodesk Inventor 2020
Production- or detail-drawings based on model
Exploded views for making of manuals










Example of reversed engineering

An old drawing from 1938 as example for reversed engineering.


Model from old drawing made with Autodesk Inventor.
New drawing based on model.



Making visualizations with Autodesk 3DS Max for presentations




Some recent designs I made with 3DS Max. These models can be used by other designers for their visualizations or VR models. These are published on cgtrader.com


I am unable to show original models or drawings of recent projects of clients I have been involved in due to confidentiality. On the right is a collage of images that clients have published on their websites themselves.


I have had the pleasure that in the past we have been able to count the following companies among our clientele. The trust we received from them has enabled us to successfully complete various projects. For the future too, I will do my very best not to disappoint you.






Contact details

Chris Wolters
Kampstraat 76
6466 BW Kerkrade
Phone +31(0)458502740
Mobile +31(0)650680289


You can contact us by email using the form below.

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